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Posted by maihoochandan in Transectional E-mail on March 25, 2013 with 2 Comments

Transactional as its name suggest that it is related to business. But when we are talking about transactional email then it is not related to business directly. Transactional emails are not only used for business purpose instead we can say transaction email as a special purpose email for some kind of action.

We can say that transactional email is a type of web based marketing in which email recipients can buy a product (goods and services) via email without redirected to retailer’s website. Shopping through transactional email is very easy. It reduces many task involved in email marketing .Through the transactional image a buyer can view the product in the body of email(or simply in email) and an email recipients can view merchandise, select items and submit an order. Typically the email message contains a window which changes accordingly when we click on different different product it will change respective to the product. Here a message will assure the security of the transaction and an order form are displayed when clicked on the appropriate button. After all, when the order form is completed, The customer clicks on submit button and resume reading other email.

Suppose a normal email coming to customer related to product then what he has to do, he has to click on the product then he will be directed to respective site(go to product page, order page ,payment & checkout page), some customer think it’s a very lengthy process and they don’t order .But with help of transactional email they are simply completing all the request through email in few seconds. So, transactional email is going to increase (or it’s increasing) the interest in shopping.

As, I’ve said early transactional email are used for some special purpose action .It is not only used for e-commerce site .Suppose you are signing up in a site then the site will most welcome you with a welcome email. This welcome email is also a transactional email .So from this point one thing is clear to us that transactional email is not a bulk email or we can say that transactional email is anything but not bulk. In this list many more this are come like

1. Email Confirmation

 2. Password reset information

 3. Thank you message for some action

4. To view or Print Invoice print from direct link.

 And many more thing is in the list.

Hope, I’ve cleared some of your confusion regarding bulk email .

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