How to set DKIM record in zpanel

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Zapnel did not allow you to create TXT record with more than 100 charecter. So you can’t create DKIM in Zpanel. Don’t worry I have a idea. You can create DKIM in zpanel using following meathod.

Create a small TXT entry in DNS for (Say you want to set DKIM for

1st : login to phpmyadmin with root user
2 : select database zpanel_core,
– select table x_dns,
– click in the menu “Structure”,
– click in “Edit” for column dn_target_vc,
– change “Length/Values” from 100 to 1000.

Now search for the TXT record you have created (Small TXT Entry) edit as per dkim record.

Database part is done.

3 :Go to /etc/zpanel/configs/bind/zones

Open the file

and serch for the TXT entry and edit accordingly.  Now it is done. Just rboot your server.
And Enjoy

Check DKIM is working or not by send a email.

You can also check at

If you still facing proble…Comment I am here to solve you.

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